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You cant tell how large a nest is by looking at the termites. Termites of a species are the same size if the colony is large or little. Multiple feeds are normal. Small colonies will call for a couple/three doses; very massive colonies might need ten or more doses. If you're feeding the same colony from 2, three or four monitors, the nest will likely die off quicker because they're getting bait to the nest from more sources.

Towards the end, the number of termites observable at bait replenishment time will be fewer and fewer. You may not need to add more bait. Keep inspecting every couple of months, then one time there will be no termites. Wait another week just to be sure. .



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Termites and temperatureIf you assess your monitors when they are warm from direct sunlight, you might not see live insects. This is most likely because they couldnt cope with the heat. Checking again when the monitors are shaded may show termites working merrily away once more. In-ground monitors that are set into the ground may fill up with water after rain and it can be a few days before termites return.

Chlorfluazuron may take longer to kill than the dusts and foams but the nest is at least as dead and there is no hazard to people or pets (since we dont have an external shell). As reassurance, once termites begin eating the treatment they dont usually stop until the colony is dead (or you allow them to run out of the treatment).

This monitor has the advantage of size to hold greater termites than many but additionally, it has a clear top whereby you can view if termites have blocked up a purpose-left hole with their sand mix.



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A monitor that can be bought on-line can hold 6 liters of termites since they're for the most part above ground. You can see through a clear cap at the very top to learn this here now note if a purpose-left hole in the cardboard cartridge has been coated in with the sand mix which is their signal to you they have arrived.

They're UV protected polypropylene and anticipated to survive more than 10 decades. The same company has designed dose-sized light evidence feeders using a disk that can be prised from the foundation so termites can get. These lure feeders can be used either in the shirts of the monitor (or any monitor) or they can be connected to the outside of infested timbers so termites can enter and harvest the lure. .

Feeding termites in above ground monitors is sometimes necessary to test and intercept termites that have been badly disturbed and abandoned the damaged location. By way of example, if thieves were discovered in a cage, carton, toolbox, etc which was removed before you noticed that their presence, it is almost impossible to put things back as they had been and expect the termites to continue eating so that you could introduce a bait.



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(See photographs ). .

The builder that discovered the termites during renovations, eliminated the damaged timbers however we Could find live soldiers guarding the hole leading back to their nest

Aluminium cooking foil was taped to the wall like a big apron pocket, then filled with termite bait and shut with tape along the top to seal out light. Next morning that the pocket was opened in the top to show termites occupied harvesting the bait. Normally you wouldnt check within two weeks but we wanted to shoot this picture to show they had been feeding.



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If damaged wood has been removed out, you need to anticipate termites will eventually return since the colony hasnt been murdered additional info and there is no absolute 100% way to prevent them coming backagain. To regain the initiative, one strategy is to place some enticement near where you think they are likely to find Recommended Site it.



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Take an opening or some location where you can insert or join bait. (There is no limitation to dimension other than it shouldnt clutter up your living/working distance ).

Your monitor can be as simple and easy to create as filling a cardboard carton with a few wood blocks and a few damp cardboard (reasonably but not too closely packed). You can produce a simple opening for inspection and baiting by cutting say, a 100x200mm place in the top flaps and then laying a bit of laminate, metal sheeting, whatever over the opening.

To feed them just place in the wet lure and then replace the lid. If your monitor is to go over an expansion joint or against the place you know termites have come from, look carefully and you will see their mud mix in the joint where they've resealed. If you cant find such a spot, termites are likely come looking again in the event that you give them a bit more enticement.

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